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Index of Circulars

Description Date Remarks
Oberservation of United Nations' Sanction Against the Democratic People's Replublic of (North) Korea 17/06/02  
Statutory Updates on Marpol, Solas and Codes 01 Jul 2104 to 01 Jan 2016 16/12/03  
Guidelines on the Medical Examination of Seafarers  Moncler Mens Coats Outlet Online 16/11/02  
Fitness for duty and Watchkeeping Arrangments 16/11/01  
Maritime Security - Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships 15/03/02  
An International Model set of Maritime Rules for the Use of Force (RUF)-100 Series   supports Tech. Circ 15/03/02
BIMCO-Guidance on the Rules for the Use of Force   supports Tech. Circ 15/03/02
Guidance to shipowners and ship operators, shipmasters and crews on preventing and suppres... (Secretariat)   supports Tech. Circ 15/03/02
Guidance For Company Security Officers (Csos) - Preparation Of A Company And Crew For The... (Secretariat)   supports Tech. Circ 15/03/02
Revised Inetrim guidance to shipowners and operators on the use of PCASPin High Risk Areas-25 May 2012   supports Tech. Circ 15/03/02
Security Related Training For Seafarers 15/04/03  
STCW - Circ. 21 - Security Related Training Deficiencies- Certification   supports Tech Circ 15/04/03
STCW - Circ. 22 - Security Related Training Deficiencies   supports Tech Circ 15/04/03
Revalidation of CoC's and CoP's under the 2010 Manila Amendment 15/05/04  
Updating Training Requirements for 2010 Manilla Amendments   supports Tech Circ 5/05/04
ANNEX-revalidation of CoC   supports Tech Circ 15/05/04
Fees for Local Trade Operation in Jamaica 14/01/01 Rev 3
Maximum Sulphure Content of ECA 14/07/02  
Recovery of Persons from Water 14/07/03  
Solas Amendment Fire Fighters Outfit & Radio Telephone Apparatus 14/07/04  
Measures to Aid Regulation in New Pleasure Craft Regime 14/07/05  
Statutory Update 14/08/06  
Amendments to the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code 14/08/07  
Lifeboat Release and Retrieval System 14/08/08  
Paris/Tokyo MoU CIC-2014-STCW Hours of Rest 14/08/09  
EBOLA Virus Disease 14/10/10  
Amendments to the International Safety Management Code (ISM) Code 14/12/11 Amendments entering into force effective 01 Jan 2015
Change in the format of Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA) 12/01/01  
Issuance and Validity of Certificates of Competency STCW 95: Reg. II/3 and Reg. III/3 12/02/02  
Issuance of Certificates of Competency STCW 95: Reg II/2 (less than 3000 GT) and Reg. III/3 (less than 3000 KW) 12/02/03  
Sea Service Testimonials 12/02/04  
Asbestos Inspections 12/04/07  
SOLAS - Mandatory Requirements for ECDIS and BNWAS 12/05/08  
Amendments to the IMDG Code 12/06/09  
Sulphur content of the fuel oil 12/07/10  
AIS data 12/09/11  
STS Operations 12/10/12  
The Requirement for the issue of a Certificate of Proficiency for Ship Security Officers (SSO) 12/07/13  
Ballast Water Management Requirements 12/05/31 Ships Operating in Jamaican Waters
Detailed Provisions On Local Trade Operation 12/11/14  
Approval of Entities to Issue Blue Cards 11/01/01 Supersedes Circular number 08-10-12
Change In Validity Period Of Medical Certificates 11/01/02
Measures to Avoid Exposure to Radiation in Japan 11/03/03  
Relocation Notice 11/06/04  
Guidelines on the Interpretation of Applicable IMO Instruments by Recognized Organizations 11/09/07  
New contact information for the JSR European Regional Office 11/11/08  
SOLAS - Mandatory Requirements for ECDIS and BNWAS 11/11/09  
Change in image of the JSR Image 11/12/09  
PSC, CIC Officers 11/11/10  
Amendments to the IMDG code 11/11/11  
Guidance for the recording of operations in the oil record book 11/11/12  

USCG Enforcement of VRP Required Plan Amendments

Dubai Anchorage Regulations 14/2011  
Enhancing the safety of Jamaican Ships Revised 01/02/08  
Paris MOU plans GMDSS crackdown 05/ 07/02  
May 2004 amendments to SAR- Persons in Distress 06/07/03  
May 2004 amendments to SOLAS 06/07/04  
December 2004 amemndments to SOLAS 06/07/05  
July 2005 amendments to FAL 06/11/06  
October 2004 amendments to MARPOL-Revised annexes I & II 07/01/07  
December 2004 adoption of amendments to codes by the MSC 07/01/08  
Entry into force of protocol on preparedness, response and cooperation to pollution incidents by hazardous and noxious substances (OPRC-HNS Protocols) 2000 07/06/09  
March 2006 amendments to MARPOL 07/08/10  
To Enhance the Ports State Control 08/01/11 Replacement for May 2006 amendments to SOLAS -LRIT
May 2006 amendments to STCW convention and STCW code 08/01/12  
Bunker Convention 08/10/12 Revision 2
IMO Unique Numbering Scheme 08/11/13  
Lightning Protection 09/09/02
Jamaica Ships Piracy Advisory 10/03/02
New Technical Fees 10/08/03