Rear Admiral Peter Brady elected as Chair of the STW Sub-Committee

At the 35th session of the IMO STW Sub-Committee Meeting, which concluded on 30 January 2004, Rear Admiral Peter Brady, Director General of the MAJ, who, as vice-chairman of the Sub-Committee, chaired its 35th session, was unanimously elected as Chairman for the year 2005.


The International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Sub-Committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping (STW) which functions as the rule making body for the International Convention for the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW Convention) held its 35th Session at the IMO 26-30 January 2004.

Jamaica is a signatory of the STCW Convention and is among a list of select member countries who are on the so called "white list" of countries that have been recognized as giving full and complete effect to the provisions of the Convention. The Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), which is the focal point for the IMO, is an active member of the STW Sub-Committee which meets annually in London to review, update and recommend new rules, standards, regulations and guidance to marine administrations and mariners around the world. The MAJ also has oversight for the Caribbean Maritime Institute's (CMI) academic standards required by the STCW Convention.

The Sub-Committee's agenda this year included the matters concerning competencies, training and certification related to the very topical measures to enhance maritime security which Jamaica, and all States which carry out international trade by sea, will have to have in place by the deadline of 01 July 2004. Among the other major agenda items were: unlawful practices associated with certificates of competency, measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats and matters concerning large passenger ship safety, namely, cruise ships.

Jamaica's delegation to the Conference comprised representatives from the MAJ and the CMI. Admiral Brady's appointment represents a milestone for the history of Jamaica's participation at the IMO as this is the first time that a Jamaican has been elected to one of the permanent bodies of the Organization. He was elected by acclamation by the over seventy (70) member states in attendance at the meeting, after his nomination was proposed and seconded by Canada and Japan respectively.

Feb. 9, 2004.

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